The story behind ozetta handmade knitwear

An excerpt from my interview for featured shop on Etsy,

My shop is dedicated to my great-grandmother Marjorie Ozetta, who taught me the foundations of knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. I would stay with her for weeks in the summer months, and we would wake up early to cook breakfast, watch movies, and curl up in her handmade quilts, crocheting. She always said “little Hailey, you can do anything.” I would pick up my needles every year around the holidays, but when she passed away in 2007, I picked them up and never put them down. I wanted to keep her memory alive in some way, so I opened my shop.

My work involves both knitting and crocheting, and each piece I make is full of meaning, love, and attention to detail. I get excited when I work on something new – it’s almost like I can’t rest until I finish. I attach a handcrafted, wooden Ozetta tag to each piece, which, coupled with my craftsmanship, makes it authentic and unique. I think when people read about my shop, they feel as though they are wearing a part of a story, and to me this is more important than anything.

Ozetta Knitwear was a featured shop on etsy, read my interview to know more about my shop story and inspiration!

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